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Housing solutions



EDUCatt offers various housing solutions, classified between on-campus colleges and urban structures. 
The foundation aims not only at offering mere housing solutions, but also at giving the students the opportunity to improve their whole background of life experiences and relationships.



Admission and Readmission into Residential Colleges

Residences for out-of-town students - residences for top-notch students is the slogan of the annual opening of the admission selections in the residential structures, taking place yearly during summer. The access to the residential structures in the different campuses is regulated by the yearly call. The applications must be submitted online through MyEDUCatt by the deadline indicated in the regulation for the call.




On-Campus Residential Colleges

The on campus colleges are strongly related to the long history of Università Cattolica. Located on campus or in the nearby of the university facilities, these structures offer an accommodation for UC students and wide opportunities for a rich cultural exchange.


Urban Residential Colleges

Perfectly integrated in the city network, the urban residences offer accommodation solutions for students who wish to live and study in comfortable conditions.








Other housing solutions

In addition to the traditional housing solutions, EDUCatt is committed to finding alternative channels in order to facilitate students in their search for the accommodation, varying from the student lodgings to user-friendly online platforms, compliant to the current international standards.



Accommodation on demand

The housing solutions include the student lodgings, perfect for short- term periods and for international students.






Housing Network

Furthermore, EDUCatt has recently activated partnerships with housing platforms, like Dotstay, Roomtastic and Gromia . The advantage of these platforms is that they help students to find accommodation solutions in a short time. The options respond to the students’ needs and that the ads are all certified.

Other structures

A list of private accommodations for those who might not want to opt for one of the solutions offered by EDUCatt is available here.




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