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22 December 2017

Temporary outcomes - EDUCatt Scholarships a.y. 2017/2018 for students enrolled in classes subsequent the first


The provisory outcomes of the scholarship applications for students enrolled in classes subsequent the first in a.y. 2017/2018 are now available; all the students who applied can check on their outcome through their personal MyEDUCatt area.


In order to view your outcome: first, you have to set your page in English, click on “Services academic year 2017/2018”, then on the button “Electronic file (ENG)” and select the line stating "Graduatoria Provvisoria Anni Successivi Borse di Studio EDUCatt - A.A. 2017/2018" (temporary rankings of outcomes for scholarship applications by students enrolled in a class subsequent the first one in a.y. 2017/2018).

The possible outcomes in the temporary rankings for students enrolled in a class subsequent the first one are:

ADMISSIBLE – the income and merit-based requirements foreseen in the application regulation are met;
NON- ADMISSIBLE- the minimum income and merit-based requirements in the application regulation are not met.

Among NON-ADMISSIBLE students, some may find IN ATTESA DI DEFINIZIONE in the reasons for exclusion from the rankings. This means that some aspects in the application are not clear enough for these students to be considered admissible, so their evaluation is pending.
When the definitive rankings will be published (February 2018), the ADMISSIBLE students will be informed of the possible assignment of the money contribution foreseen in the scholarship. We wish to remind the ADMISSIBLE students that they will all be exempted from the university tuition fees (as better specified in the application regulation for the call), differently from the non-admissible students.

The outcomes may vary as a consequence of the verifications made by the office Agevolazioni Economiche, of the interruption of the studies (see the official Italian document of the application regulation, point 11 "Incompatibilità - Decadenza" or point 9 “Provision and Revocation” of the English summed up version) or of the acceptance of submitted appeals.


The submission of appeals can only concern mistakes made by EDUCatt in the phase of evaluation of the application and must be accompanied by proper documentation certifying the reasons for the submission of such appeal. The appeal must be submitted in written form to the office Agevolazioni Economiche of the campus the student belongs to by 23 January 2018 at 12 pm, by email or in person at EDUCatt front offices. In any case, we would kindly invite you to contact the office Agevolazioni Economiche to solve any possible doubts in advance, once it reopens after the Christmas break. 

All the students who received the outcome NON-ADMISSIBLE will have to consider it as definitive, if they don’t submit any appeal by the foreseen deadline.


In the case of students who had "IN ATTESA DI DEFINIZIONE - CONTATTA GLI UFFICI EDUCATT PER APPROFONDIMENTI" in the reasons for exclusion from the rankings of the overall outcome, the evaluation is pending. They must get in contact with the office Agevolazioni Economiche of the campus they belong to by 23 January 2018 at 12 pm to define their situation. In case they don’t, they will be definitively considered NON-ADMISSIBLE.


All ADMISSIBLE students (except those living in residential colleges with full board) can benefit from a free meal per day in any of EDUCatt canteens, during the opening times from January to December 2018, just by using their own university card.
In case the students benefit from a second meal per day, they will have to pay according to the rules and regulation to access the food service:

STUDENTS LIVING in one of the residential colleges managed by EDUCatt

Students who resulted as ADMISSIBLE in the temporary rankings will be suspended from the payment of the instalments for the accommodation fees, until the publication of the definitive rankings. Only the students later classified as BENEFICIARY will be paid the balance between the amount of the scholarship and the college accommodation fees. The only exception is represented by students enrolled in the first year outside prescribed time and by those hosted in the residences "San Giuseppe Marello", "Casa Madre della Speranza" and "In Campus Guesthouse" located in Rome: in their cases, the scholarship and the accommodation fees will be managed independently.
For any possible clarification, you can get in touch with the office Agevolazioni Economiche of your campus. Please, don’t forget to read what is declared in the application regulation for the call, available in a summed up English version as well.