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EDUCatt promotes constant exchange and communication with students. Below are listed the channels of communication that the Foundation, has made available to students for any questions, requests or needs.






  Direct Enquiries Service

  The fastest and easiest way to request information about
EDUCatt services.



 MyEDUCatt Ticket 

  Open a Ticket from your personal MyEDUCatt page
to request information and submit specific questions
about the EDUCatt services provided via the platform.



  Public Relations Office (coming soon)

   The Service, which will be available soon, aims to enable
interaction between the Foundation and the students in order to
respond effectively to users' needs. In particular, this service intends
to listen to the specific needs of students,
to verify their satisfaction with the services provided,
to promote innovation in EDUCatt services, and
to solve problems in accessing these services.
Through the Public Relations Office
students can contact the EDUCatt offices and
make an appointment for an individual interview
to discuss possible needs and problems.


Useful Links

Some EDUCatt services operate communication lines dedicated to enquiries and surveys of users' satisfaction and suggestions.

Satisfaction questionnaire about the Annual Report of the Foundation
Satisfaction questionnaire about the catering services
• Satisfaction questionnaire about the ThinkGreen catering service
Request information about UC residential halls
Request information and submit suggestions/reports on library services
Suggest new titles for the digital HUB