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Health-care services and psychological counselling

Psychological counselling


The psychological counselling service for students, operates at the EDUCatt health centres.

Objectives of the service

  •  to offer the student the opportunity to interact with a professional about personal, relational and study issues arising during university education;
  • to facilitate the clarification of students' needs and sustain their resources;
  • to identify appropriate strategies to cope with discomfort and promote change;
  • to favour access to public care services, both public and private, where necessary.


A team of psychologists and psychotherapists with expertise in the field of counselling activities.

Modes of intervention

The psychological counselling service is articulated in a cycle of five meetings that may be attended twice during university education aim to understand and suport personal, family and university life of the student.

The psychologist will initially help the student to formulate one or more questions about their problems and aspects of themselves, or of their relationships, that they wish to understand better and tackle. Subsequently, the psychologist and the student will work towards answering the questions framed, also with the help of psychological tests. Personal information and contents mentioned during the interviews are guaranteed confidential.


The first interview is free of charge. Any further interview costs 30 euros, which shall be paid at the health centre.

Payment methods: only credit or debit card can be used

To get an appointment

Milan campus

Fix an appointment calling

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Piacenza campus

Fix an appointment calling 0523.62.11.11

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Brescia campus

Fix an appointment calling 02.7217.2604

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