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10 November 2020

All EDUCatt actions and tools to fight the epidemic


Due to the health emergency, which has affected the territory, and to limit the spread of Coronavirus, EDUCatt has set up this area, always reachable at, to report all the tools, links and references, service by service, the management methods and forms for phases 2 and 3.

How Services Work

Following public regulations and the University's instructions, in the page that summarizes all the operating modes of EDUCatt services (page in update), it is possible to find the detailed and constantly updated scheme on the times and operating modes of the Services on the campuses.

EDUCatt services: All the operating modes (page is currently being updated)

Housing Solutions - the University Residences

In order to go on guaranteeing the maximum safety of the people involved in the Residence communities, Associazione Collegi e Residenze Universitarie (ACRU) has prepared some useful tools and rules of conduct. In the wake of these guidelines, EDUCatt has provided the Residences of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore with a series of rules designed to face the emergency caused by the pandemic with responsibility and common sense: they must be scrupulously observed in order to minimise the risks of contagion.

Directions and forms for returning, staying and leaving the College

EDUCatt Foundation has also drawn up special protocols and a vademecum to guarantee the management and entry into the University Residences; the information area, with all the necessary forms and instructions, is available on the dedicated website.

Joint Responsibility Actions and Access to Canteens

To deal responsibly with the emergency caused by the pandemic and provide the services in maximum safety, EDUCatt has laid down a number of rules that need to be scrupulously observed to minimise the risks of contagion.

Signs and instructions on how to behave

With the resumption of the new academic year’s activities, access to the canteens managed by EDUCatt has undergone some changes to minimise the risk of contagion.

Solutions and Tools - Books

Following the public regulations on the progressive reopening of services, and in compliance with safety regulations, the Foundation activates presence and distance services to guarantee access to library services to students and to the university audience.

Health Care and Psychological Counselling

The Health Centre remains available exclusively by phone call, only for the guests of the University Residences and for Occupational Medicine (Milan and Piacenza office); the Health Centres in the campuses in Rome and Brescia are closed, but it is possible to contact the Milan office by calling the following number: 02.72342217.

The Psychological Counselling service is active remotely and is provided free of charge until 31 July.

Psychological counselling - New delivery mode

Financial Aids

The public offices are closed, but it is possible to contact the office of the reference campus by telephone; despite the lockdown, the offices have continued to provide support and assistance to students.

In addition, to deal with the Coronavirus health emergency, EDUCatt has prepared an extraordinary manoeuvre of 1,600,000 euro with actions aimed at protecting the right to study.