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25 May 2020

University Residence Book Delivery - Home Book Loan for University Residences


To support students at all University Residences that will not return or have not yet returned to their accommodation, EDUCatt offers eCollege Book Delivery, the new support service for finding paper or digital texts.

By filling in the online form available at this link, it is possible to request a free delivery to the student's home address of the EDUCatt volumes available in the library; after the appropriate checks, the loan is managed according to the regulations already in force, with the possibility of returning the volumes at the end of the emergency or on return to the Residence. The volumes are delivered by courier to the home address indicated by the student.

If it is impossible to lend paper copies (copies not available, delivery difficulties, titles not present in the EDUCatt library catalogue), the service can activate a search for digital resources and indicate to the student how to find them free of charge on the platforms available at Università Cattolica or EDUCatt (Medialibrary, Pandoracampus, EBSCO, De Jure, etc.).

Find out how the service is provided by visiting the dedicated area of the site.

Finally, if the volume exists digitally but is not available on any of the available loan platforms, the service will evaluate the purchase of a digital copy to send it free of charge to the student by email to with the informal loan formula (temporary transfer of the licence).