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05 July 2019

EDUCatt scholarship a.y. 2018/2019 – New beneficiaries


Thanks to the extra funds provided by Università Cattolica, all the students who so far resulted as ADMISSIBLE BUT NON-BENEFICIARY have now become BENEFICIARY.
The students can check the amount of their scholarship and all other details in their electronic file in MyEDUCatt area, where the FINAL rankings are published. 
In order to see the outcome, the students must select “Services – Academic year 2018/2019”, then click on “Electronic File” and finally on “Graduatoria Finale Borse di Studio EDUCatt A.A. 2018/2019”.

The outcomes could change following checks on the accuracy of the self-certifications provided by the students. The verifications are made by EDUCatt in agreement with the competent financial authorities, such as Agenzia delle Entrate, Direzione Regionale della Lombardia, Ministero delle Finanze, Guardiadi Finanza. The penalties for false declarations foreseen by the Italian acts artt. n. 75 and n. 76 D.p.r. 445/2000 and 10 comma 3 D.lgs. 68/2012 consist in giving back three times as much as the money benefited to the institution providing the benefit, in the loss of any right to benefits throughout the entire academic career, except for the possible application of penal acts if any crime is committed.
For informational purposes, we are listing the main details concerning the provision of the money contribution and the services included in the scholarship benefits, as follows. 
For any further information please refer to the regulation for the call available here.


All the beneficiary students (excluded the ones hosted in full-board residential structures) have the right to benefit from a meal per day for the period from January to December 2019 in the structures managed by EDUCatt, just by showing their university card in the canteens.

The money amount corresponding to the meals is calculated as a forfeit of € 700 and will be deducted from the amount of the scholarship, as well as the amount of 50 € which is the contribution for services.

The students attending their courses in external venues located far from the main campuses, where the food service is not provided, will be paid the money amount corresponding to the meals together with the scholarship. 
There is no refund for the students who do not benefit from the service, except if they take part in international mobility programs abroad and provide the proper documentation. 
If the students benefit from the second meal in a day, this one will have to be paid according to the rules and regulation for the access to the food service
For the students enrolled in the first year “fuori corso” (after the regular duration of their degree course), the money amount corresponding to the meals and the period to benefit from the service are halved.

CONVERSION OF PART OF THE SCHOLARSHIP INTO ACCOMMODATION (for students living in the EDUCatt residential structures)

The beneficiaries of EDUCatt scholarship must pay the accommodation fee corresponding to the range C of the residential structure they live in.
The scholarship will be paid deducting the adjustment to the fee for the range C and the instalments still to be paid, if any, from the total money amount.


For all the students the payment of the scholarship will be made consistently with the scheduled timing for the funds provision by Regione Lombardia, most probably within the month of October 2019. 

The beneficiary students enrolled in years after the first one will get the refund for the tuition fees paid in the a.y.2018/2019 by the first ten days of August. 
To get the refund for the tuition fees and the scholarship, the students enrolled in the first year must meet the minimum merit-based requirement, as specified below:
- 25 academic credits for the students enrolled in the single-cycle degree course of Medicine;
- 30 academic credits for all the other degree courses.
N.B.: from the above mentioned credits some exam typologies are excluded, as better specified in the regulation for the call (e.g. the exams which in Italian are named “soprannumerari”, “integrazioni curriculari” and the credits recognized from previous academic careers in case there is no continuity between the degree courses).

The students who will not meet the minimum merit-based requirement by 10 August 2019 will have to meet the following merit-based requirements by 30 November 2019:
- 30 academic credits for the students enrolled in the single-cycle degree course in Medicine
- 35 academic credits for the students enrolled in any other degree courses
in order to be able to benefit from:
- the total exemption from the enrolment fee;
- a partial exemption from the university tuition fees, as better specified in the official document for the call, paragraph 15.

The students enrolled in the first year, who will not meet the mentioned merit-based requirement by 30 November 2019, will be revoked the scholarship. Therefore, these students will have to pay back the money amount benefited, if any, as well as the value corresponding to the provision of the services (food and/or accommodation)