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EDUCatt offers various housing solutions in different university locations, starting from on-campus accommodation (at a short distance from the university), to urban residential colleges. 
The 25 facilities available accommodate more than 1,500 students every year.
Colleges aim to offer not only housing solutions but to give a students the opportunity to improve their personal and impersonal relationships through share living. Eligibility to colleges is regulated by
public competition at the different campuses; applications must be submitted online within the annual deadline hire. Living in colleges entails compliance with regulations, and in UC-managed colleges, with the educational project proposed.

On-Campus Residential Colleges

 The colleges on campus have a long history in values of Università Cattolica. The residential colleges, located on campus or close to university facilities,
offer an accommodation for UCSC students well known for its rich cultural exchange.

Urban Residential Colleges

 Perfectly set in the city, urban colleges offer an
accommodation for students to live and study in a
comfortable and private conditions.


Accommodation on demand

 There are some more private accommodation solutions like Guesthouse, perfect for short- term periods and for international students; Dotstay offers independent living at a discount price, thanks to our partners; Camplusres are residential  facilities at discounted prices for students of the Catholic University .

Alternative accommodation

A list of private accommodations is available for those who might not want to opt for one of the solutions offered by EDUCatt: click here to see it.

Admission and Readmission to Residential Colleges

"Residences for out-of-town students - residences for top-notch students" is the slogan of the annual opening of the admission test to UCSC colleges, which usually takes place in the summer.

Information on residential colleges access may be found on the web site and also be requested via e-mail at  or by telephone contacting (Housing solutions office)


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