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12 April 2018

Roma College Draft 2018


Early Admission in residential colleges for a.y. 2018/2019 for the Faculties of Medicine and Surgery (single-cycle degree) and Economics.

It’s a special opportunity for students enrolling in the Faculties of Medicine and Surgery (single-cycle degree courses: Medicine and Surgery- Italian/English and “Odontoiatria e protesi dentaria”) and Faculty of Economics (Italian) of Università Cattolica.

The pre-admission application can be submitted until 4 May 2018 through MyEDUCatt web area for accommodation for a.y. 2018/19 in one of the “InCampus” or “InCittà” structures in Rome Campus.

In order to submit the application, it is necessary:

  1. To have the “ISEE per le prestazioni agevolate del diritto allo studio universitario” (Italian official document certifying the family unit’s income) requested after 1 January 2018, in order to benefit from reduced rate (the ISEE is not requested, ONLY if the student is going to pay the highest rate);
  2. To access MyEDUCatt area with the account provided by Università Cattolica and entirely fill in the online application form, available in the area “Services for academic year 2018/19”, in the section “Residential Colleges”. Once the application is submitted, the student will receive a confirmation email.


Early admission results

Each candidate will be communicated by email about their position in the ranking by May 17 2018, with the possible reference to the early-admission in one of Rome campus colleges.

Students who are not admitted in the colleges at first will be included in the waiting list, according to the ranking.
In case of waiver by admissible students, students in the waiting list will be promptly contacted to have the possibility to be admitted in one of Rome campus colleges: from 5 June no reassignment will be made to the pre-admission posts.

It’s important to remember that the possible early admission ensures a place in one of Rome campus colleges; later on, the specific college assignment will take place after an interview with the Commission in July. This will be possible only after having submitted the online application for the admission in the residential colleges, available during the months of June and July 2018.

Early admission ranking criteria

  • Priority to students who have a ISEE certification lower than or equal to €23.000 and to the top 20 students according to the ranking (10 males and 10 females);
  • Ranking position.

Confirmation of the early admission

In order to confirm the possible early assignment of a room, it is necessary:

  1. To proceed with the down payment on the first instalment (100€), according to the modalities that will be communicated by email;
  2. To entirely fill in the online application form to access the colleges, available online in MyEDUCatt personal area during the months of June and July 2018 (for more information, please visit;
  3. To be interviewed by the Commission in July 2018.

In case the student doesn’t confirm the early assignment, the place will be proposed to other applicants.

Final results for a.y. 2018/19 (specific college assignment)

By the end of July 2018, each applicant will receive the final results of the application for admission with the specific statement about the college of assignment.

The assignment is based on:

  1. Available places in the structures
  2. Outcome of the interview with the Commission (aimed at understanding the reasons of the college choice, the willingness to life in group and the acceptance of the colleges educational projects);
  3. Applicant’s preferences, expressed in the online application for admission during the months of June and July 2018.