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Student reception and financial facilitations

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The amount of the taxes and of the contributions to be paid for the registration and the attendance at the Università Cattolica can be offset by different economic facilities and supports: scholarships, refund of college tuition, financial aids.

Facilities can be got in accordance with the requirements of income and merit, laid down in the application regulation, which constitute the basis of the score to obtain the possible suitability.

For income students is available the table of currencies average exchange rate calculation.

In order to apply

Applications for scholarships (colleges, EDUCatt scholarships, Università Cattolica’s actions, ecc.) must be submitted by the deadline of the call through the personal web area MyEDUCatt:

For all the necessary clarifications about the request of benefits, it’s possible to contact the office in charge for the Students reception and financial aids of the respective campuses (find the contacts on the contact page).

All the application requirements and regulations promoted, supported and granted by EDUCatt

In the specific section , you can find the list of all the application requirements and regulations for Scholarships and Prices promoted by EDUCatt over the years: the ones related to the last academic years can be consulted and it’s possible to apply for the ones still ongoing.

Useful links

List of municipalities considered “in site”, “commuters” and “off-site”

Municipalities considered “in site”:

Municipalities considered “commuters” compared to the seat of:

Municipalities considered “off-site”: municipalities not considered “in seat” or “commuters” for each seat.

All the economic facilitation of Università Cattolica

In this section the list of all scholarships, awards and prizes implemented at Catholic University, in synergy with Istituto Toniolo di Studi Superiori and EDUCatt.

Further information

It’s possible to contact the Offices in charge for the Students Reception and financial aids through the online tool filodiretto or also by e -mail or by phone: please find the contacts for each campus in the contact page.